A Paladin tanking blog for the reshaped World of Warcraft.


Hi there, I’m Resonate, a Protection Paladin in the World of Warcraft. I’m a longtime member of Flames of Salvation, a casual-ish 10-man raiding guild on Kirin Tor (US).

I previously maintained a blog called Divine Guardian before taking a break from WoW, and thought it appropriate to start fresh with a new blog, and use the opportunity to shift my blog’s focus a little bit. While Divine Guardian focused almost exclusively on theorycraft discussions, guides for new players, and reviews of raid content, I’d like to balance this new blog a little bit more. While all of the aforementioned topics will receive plenty of attention (and more!), I’m also going to cover my personal adventures and what I’m up to in game as well.

Outside of MMOs, I particularly enjoy music games (Beatmania IIDX, Pop’n Music, DJ MAX, Rock Band, etc.) and fighting games (Street Fighter, BlazBlue, etc.), as well as gaming in general. I live in Arizona, USA, with my wife, who also plays WoW as a Holy Paladin and who also maintains a blog — check her out over at Justice and Light.