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…and In With the New!

New city. New world. New Paladin.


Out With the Old

Having spent most of the evening working on the Pilgrim’s Bounty achievements, I hadn’t made any big plans to say goodbye to the game world I’ve spent the past six years in.

I’ve only been Horde for about half of that time, and indeed most of my oldest and fondest memories are of Alliance-side exploits, in many places which are somewhat difficult for me to revisit, so I’ll have to forego those festivities. I’ve still grown plenty attached to ugly old Orgrimmar, in its brown, lumpy glory, though. While the new Orgrimmar is certainly a lot more shiny and modern-looking, there will be always be memories of the time spent in the old Org that can’t be replaced.

Goodbye, Orgrimmar, it was nice knowing you.